Wilmington Thermal Energy Center


Wilmington, Delaware


Wilmington Thermal Energy Center


Operate & Maintain

This district energy system was developed by Conectiv Thermal Systems (CTS) to provide central chilled water and hot water services to downtown Wilmington.

  • Owned by Cartier Energy – a Vauban Infrastructure Partners, LLC company.
  • In 2017 DCO acquired the system, and created WDK Energy Partners, LLC. In 2022, the system was acquired by Cartier Energy, a Vauban Infrastructure Partners company. DCO continues to operate and maintain the system.
  • System provides hot water and chilled water service to New Castle County Courthouse (Williams Justice Center) and a corporate office building.
  • Capacity of the system is 6,000 tons of chilled water and 50.4 MMBtu/hour of hot water.
  • The system has approximately 2,500 feet of chilled and hot water piping under the streets of Wilmington.