Our Environmental, Social, and Governance Values


DCO Energy is a nationally recognized developer, owner and operator of sustainable and renewable energy facilities that enriches the communities it operates by partnering with contractors, businesses, and talent. DCO Energy applies robust and innovative design, construction, and operation methodologies resulting in sustainable and safe solutions for owners in different industry sectors. As one of the largest developers and operators of cogeneration and renewable energy projects in North America, our solutions are delivered by a diverse, ethical, and knowledgeable team of professionals delivering unparalleled commitment and value to clients.


Health, safety, and employee wellbeing are top priorities at DCO. Management is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and our communities. We provide a comprehensive benefits package, wellness services, and continuous safety training for all employees. On our project sites, we dont just monitor safety, we proactively plan our project management and tasks with our customers and partners. Our site managers have completed OSHA training, receive periodic safety newsletters, and participate in monthly online safety training. All work orders begin with execution and documentation of a Job Safety Analysis for the specific task being performed to identify potential hazards and the appropriate safety precautions. As a result of our dedicated efforts, DCO Energys annual safety ratings are at the top of our industry nationally.

Environmental Awareness and Impact

We are committed to managing the environmental impact as an integral part of our operations. It is our policy to always ensure the environmental integrity of our processes, projects, and facilities.

Our approach is to optimize the use of materials, energy, and other precious natural resources to minimize the generation of waste and to promote and enable recycling and the reuse of materials. DCO Energy continuously revises goals and targets, measures progress and reports results, driving continuous efforts to improve environmental performance.

From a design, construction and operations perspective, we focus on all sustainability measures that can be implemented at a particular site. For example, we leverage recycling, embrace lowcarbon construction materials, reduce emissions by using electric equipment where possible, work to reduce waste, and source materials locally to reduce transport emissions. We focus on controlling emissions by implementing cuttingedge technologies, fostering innovation, and optimizing energyefficient equipment and operations.

We work strategically with customers to design, finance and implement sustainability projects focused on energy conservation and recovery, with a direct aim at achieving significant reductions in emissions and footprint.

Community Outreach

Our community outreach initiative, Competitive Edge, was created and designed to develop, foster, and grow one of the companys core beliefs a solid commitment to safely enrich the economic stability of the communities in which we work through service, education, and mentorship. This commitment is based on the principal that by providing career opportunities for individuals in these communities, the community will prosper.

Our Competitive Edge Program provides a unique workforce opportunity that enriches disinvested and underserved communities. This initiative allows our partnered companies, customers, and community to work side by side to identify concerns that are at times overlooked in workforce development.

Our mission is to implement a social responsibility that expands opportunities for those in our communities that may have faced cultural displacement from disinvestment or lack of investment. Competitive Edge consists of multiple outreach components including community councils, traintohire programs, education assistance, and SBE/WBE/MBE recruitment and support.