DCO’s primary objective is to utilize national recognized expertise to evaluate, develop, and implement projects designed to lower energy and operational costs for our clients in various energy efficiency sectors.


DCO collaborates closely with clients to establish cost-effective energy improvement solutions and services across a diverse range of sectors.

energy efficiency


  • Energy Savings Performance
  • Contract Projects
  • Investment Grade Energy Audits (IGA)
  • Energy Master Planning
  • Building Performance Service to Optimize Facilities
  • Commissioning and Start-Up
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Measurement and Verification
  • In-House Design Engineering (MEP and Structural)
  • Approved Utility Trade Ally for Rebate and Incentive Funding
  • Energy as a Service (EaaS)
  • State, Federal, and other Grant Funding Opportunities

JDC Energy Services, LLC (JDC) proudly serves as DCO’s distinguished Energy Efficiency Business. As an Energy Services Company (ESCO) JDC offers energy engineering, procurement, and construction management services. Leveraging DCO’s national expertise, JDC Energy Services bridges the gap between energy efficiency solutions, with construction management and material management for a cost efficient and sustainable final end product.

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