Hartford Hospital CHP Plant


Hartford, CT


Hartford Hospital CHP Plant


Operate & Maintain

Hartford Hospital is one of the largest teaching hospitals and tertiary care centers in New England, and is the hospital affiliated with University of Connecticut Medical School. It is 1,640,800 square feet, and contains 867 beds. A Combined Heat and Power Plant is owned by the Hartford Steam Company.

  • Owned by Cartier Energy – a Vauban Infrastructure Partners, LLC company.
  • DCO Energy is a minority co-investor and provides operation and maintenance services for the CHP plant.
  • Part of Hartford Steam System South End System
  • In process of repower the CHP and auxiliaries
  • Solar Taurus 60 Combustion Turbine-5.5 MW output 45,000 lbs/hour supplemental tired heat steam recovery generator
  • Dresser Rand Steam Turbine Generator-2 MW output
  • 100,000 pounds per hour steam capacity
  • 1,500 ton chiller