Energy Center Dover


Dover, Delaware


Energy Center Dover


Operate & Maintain

The Energy Center Dover is a 111 MW cogeneration project that sells power, capacity and ancillary services into the Delmarva Zone of PJM, and provides steam to two major industrial manufacturing facilities.

Facility consists of two major units:

  • 54 MW (+9MW duct firing) natural gas-fired combined cycle unit (GE LM 6000PC SPRINT), steam turbine and HRSG
  • 48 MW dual gas/oil fired simple cycle GE LM6000PC SPRINT combustion turbine

Facility sell steam to two major industrial manufacturing facilities:

  • Kraft Heinz-1 million SF facility
  • Proctor & Gamble-produces Pampers, Luvs Baby Wipes

DCO provides operations and maintenance as well as asset management of the facility for Cartier Energy, which purchased the asset from DCO in 2022.