Bergen County Utilities Authority


Little Ferry, New Jersey


Bergen County Utilities Authority


EPC Contractor

Utilizing the biogas produced in the wastewater treatment process, Bergen County Utilities Authority retained DCO to design, and construct a combined heat and power plant to provide thermal and electric energy to their wastewater treatment plant in Little Ferry, New Jersey.

  • The CHP facility uses the biogas from the adjacent wastewater treatment facility mixed with natural gas to fuel electrical generation equipment with heat recovery steam generators.
  • Hot water is produced as a byproduct of generation and is utilized in the waste treatment process.
  • The initial project included a total of 2.8 MW of electric generation (two reciprocating engines) and 10 MMBtu/hour of hot water through waste heat recovery units from the engines.

An expansion project was completed in 2015, generating an additional 1.4 MW of electricity and 5 MMBTU/hr Boiler Capacity – Hot Water.