Bergen County Correctional Facility


Hackensack, New Jersey


Bergen County Correctional Facility


EPC Contractor, Operate & Maintain

DCO permitted, engineered, designed, and constructed the state-of-the-art Combined Heating and Power Facility (CHP) that serves the Bergen County Correctional Facility located in Hackensack, New Jersey.

  • Developer and EPC Contractor for CHP Project for County Correctional Facility
  • DCO was developer, EPC contractor and operator for a new CHP Plant to serve the Bergen County Correctional Facility.
  • The CHP provides significant portion of heating and domestic hot water requirements of facility, with existing production equipment providing supplemental requirements of facility.
  • Major equipment is Caterpillar natural gas reciprocating engine (1.3 MW) with heat recovery (6.1 MMBTU/hour of hot water).
  • CHP facility provides significant portion of base load electric energy requirements of the facility, and reduces reliance on local utility for base load electricity.